Frequent Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?
I do not take insurance. However, some of my clients have submitted their receipts to their insurance companies and received reimbursement. 

Do you work with children?
Yes! I do work with children! It is preferred that a parent or guardian (the one in the family who controls the food) is on a nutrition program themselves prior to a child getting on a program. We can discuss to see if the child is a candidate, however a program can only be started with a parent on a nutrition program themselves, or 100% on board with the child’s nutrition program. There are usually food eliminations that are an easier transition if a parent has already gone through them.
The testing method that I use requires a child to use their arm as the response indicator. Younger children (under 5/6-ish) are not able to do the testing by themselves so I need a parent to assist and they must be on a nutritional program so they don’t interfere with the testing results. 
Please call the office for a consultation before scheduling an appointment. 

How long will it take me to get better?
That depends on YOU! And how dedicated you are to the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations provided. Nutrition is not a band-aid. It gets to the root of the symptoms, which will take time. It is not a quick fix. It takes a long time for a symptom to show up and it can take awhile to have lasting, sustainable healing. Some clients feel better right away, however, most clients can expect a longer time-frame to fully reach their wellness goals, not seeing me every week, but maintaining their progress.  

How often do I need to make an appointment?
It depends on your health goals and severity of your symptoms. In the beginning, I may see a client 1 time per week, or 1 time per month, depending on the testing results and client’s nutrition goals. Once a client has recovered, maintenance visits may be needed to stay on top of health and wellness goals.  

Does Muscle Testing hurt?
Muscle Testing does not hurt. It’s actually a lot of fun! It is a non-invasive way to utilize the body’s muscle response to test a food or supplement as being supportive or harmful to an organ or body system that is out of balance. I simply use the response of your arm muscle to determine the status of your health. Muscle Testing is not a strength test. It is safe and natural for all ages. Refer to the Muscle Testing page for more information.

Will I have to take supplements?
Yes, you may need to take supplements. I use certified organic whole food supplements (not synthetic) as a support the body needs to heal itself. Most digestive systems are not functioning well enough to optimally use just food. Whole food supplements are very important to kick the body into healing mode. Herbs and homeopathy may be used as well. Whole food supplements may be for short term or long term, depending on the body’s ability to heal.

Do you take vegetarians or vegans as clients?
Yes! I do work with vegetarian and vegan clients. Many of the whole food nutrition products that I use to help the body heal has animal protomorphogens or glandulars in them, however there may be some vegan options. If vegetarian or vegan clients will take the supplements, they will have better results. I do test each supplement and we can create a personalized nutrition plan around your nutritional choices.

How much does a Consultation cost?
An Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation is $90. In this 90-minute session, we address your health concerns, review medical and family history, and current supplements and medications. Muscle Testing and Functional Clinical Assessment testing may be used to assess what organs or systems are out of balance or under stress. We will work together to design a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that addresses your health concerns and moves you toward your health goals.  
Follow-up sessions are $45 each. 
In our follow up sessions, we will review food journals, conduct any reassessments, and update your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan and celebrate your progress! There are other programs available and may be recommended. 

Can I refer a friend or family member?
Referrals are the highest compliment! As a THANK-YOU, with each new client that you refer you will receive $20 off your next follow-up visit! The more clients you refer, the more you are rewarded for helping us reach more people and sharing health and wellness to those who need it. Again, THANK-YOU!