What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle Testing is a precise and scientific testing method of utilizing the body’s muscle strength response to test a food or supplement as being supportive or harmful to an organ or body system that is weak or out of balance. 

History of Muscle Testing
In the 1960s, chiropractor, Dr. George Goodhart, studying Kinesiology, combined aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture points, with a variety of Western therapies that involved touch reflexes.

He discovered that the strength or weakness of every muscle was connected to the health or lack of health of a specific corresponding organ. He also determined that the indicator muscles were associated with acupuncture meridians.

He found that testing positive stimuli, like vitamins supplements, would increase the strength of certain indicator muscles and negative stimuli would cause those muscles to go weak. 

Dr. Richard Versandaal was at a seminar that Dr. Goodheart and Dr. Johnston were teaching and applied their teachings to heal a long time stomach issue.

Dr. Versandaal, by using Dr. Goodhart and Dr. Johnston’s work, he developed a system of using a muscle to test the neurological points of the body and what nutrition to apply to those points to help the body’s innate healing process. 

Over the years many practitioners have developed their own form of Muscle Testing.  

Who Can Be Muscle Tested?


from Babies in Utero to Senior Citizens