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Complimentary Wellness Consultation

This call is the first step! It allows us to discuss your current health challenges and wellness goals and to determine whether Functional Nutritional Therapy is right for you. 

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What does Your 1st Session Look Like?

Your first session, we address your health concerns, review medical and family history, current supplements and medications. Muscle Testing and Functional Clinical Assessment may be used to assess what organs or systems are out of balance or under stress. We will work together to design a personalized nutrition program that addresses your health concerns and moves you forward to your health goals.

New Client - 1st Session

90 mins – $90

Follow-Up Session

45 mins – $45

4 Follow-Up Sessions

45 mins -$160 (Save $20!)

NAQ & Follow-Up Session

90 mins – $90

Food Sensitivity Testing

45 mins – $45

Nutritional Support Products

Standard Process & MediHerb Whole Food Supplements    
21 Day Purification Program                  
10 Day Detox Balance Program
SP Microbiome Test Kit
The RESTART® Program

Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
Is an online health symptom questionnaire to be completed before your visit. Once complete, we will review the NAQ and you will receive a copy of the Symptom Burden Graph, Potential Conditions Report, Potential Nutritional Deficiencies Report, Supplement Recommendations, and Question Severity Report that the NAQ provides. There is no muscle testing in this session.                              

Food Sensitivity Testing:
Which foods should you eat that make you stronger, or which foods make you weaker, causing inflammation or illness? Over 170 test vials of foods and food additives to choose from! You may also bring in your foods, supplements, and household items to be muscle tested. This session does not include organ or body systems muscle testing.
**This session is for New Clients and Existing Clients