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Complimentary Wellness Consultation

This call is the first step!
It allows us to discuss your current health challenges and wellness goals and to determine if Nutritional Response Testing is right for you. 
A FREE In-Person Health Analysis is Also Available! 

What Do Your Appointments Look Like?

Your first appointment, we will do a clinical assessment, Heart Rate Variability analysis and nutrition evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for Nutrition Response Testing. The evaluation consists of a health history questionnaire and a body scan using Nutrition Response Testing to assess what the underlying causes are of your health issues. Your practitioner will put together a Report of Findings report that will be presented to you on a separate day at your Report of Findings appointment.

Your Report of Findings appointment, we will review the Report of Findings with you and discuss if you are a Nutrition Response Testing candidate. 

If you are a Nutrition Response Testing candidate, we will continue into your 2nd appointment right away that day and put together a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program that is personalized just for you.

New Client - Initial Consultation

90 mins – $180
Children Under 18 Years Old – $55

Office Visits

30 mins – $40
Children Under 18 – $25
**Package Discounts Available**

Over 65

10% Discount on office visits

Food Sensitivity Testing

30 mins – $45

Heart Rate Variability Analysis


Low Light Laser Therapy

4 Visits – $25

Nutritional Support Products

Standard Process & MediHerb Whole Food Supplements
21 Day Purification Program
 Day Detox Balance Program
SP Microbiome Test Kit
The RESTART® Program

Food Sensitivity Testing
Which foods are you sensitive to, causing inflammation or illness? Over 170 test vials of foods and food additives to choose from! You may also bring in a few of your foods, supplements, and household items to be muscle tested. This session does not include Nutritional Response Testing®. 

Heart Rate Variability Test
Measures heart rate variability to assess physical fitness and nervous system health.

**Service Rates and Product Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice