when you give your body the exact nutrients it needs, Your Body can start healing itself - Safe and naturally

Restoring & Maintaining Your Health
Safe & Naturally!

Harmony Nutrition is a natural health care practice that helps discover the real underlying cause of health challenges and help you improve your health – safe and naturally.

We use Nutrition Response Testing (a form of muscle testing) to identify the exact stressors that contribute to poor health. Our Nutrition Response Testing practitioners will identify and provide nutrition support that allows a person to improve their health.

With Guided Nutrition Coaching we can provide targeted recommendations with lifestyle changes and an individual clinically designed nutrition program to address and support health conditions. 

Nutritional efficiency of the heart, which is the most important organ, will impact every system in the body. The Heart Sound Recorder will give us valuable information on the heart function, body’s chemistry balance, and nutritional deficiencies causing stress on the heart.

These programs are a perfect pair with Nutrition Response Testing.

We also offer whole food and herbal supplements to support the nutritional needs of our clients.

What Can We help you with?

Aches & Pains
Acid Reflux/Heartburn
Blood Sugar Imbalance
Brain Fog/Poor Concentration
Colds & Sniffles
Digestion Issues

Fatigue/Low Energy
Food Cravings/Food Sensitivities
Hair Loss
High BP/Low BP
Hormone Imbalance
Immune Support

Mood Swings/PMS
Poor Quality Sleep
Skin Conditions
Thyroid Imbalance
Weight Gain/Weight Loss
Preventative Care

By finding the root cause of your symptoms, We offer safe and natural solutions for all ages,

and provide a Designed Clinical Nutrition program to help you feel better & restore your health.

You don’t need to suffer. We can help!