when you give your body the exact nutrients it needs, it can start healing itself Safe and naturally

Restoring & Maintaining Your Health
Safe & Naturally!

Harmony Nutrition offers Nutrition Response Testing as a non-invasive method of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of challenging health conditions. 

We also offer Certified Organic Whole Food and Herbal Supplements to support the nutritional needs of our clients. 


With more chronic symptoms and disease that are originating from nutritional deficiencies, our wellness is in EXTREME need of alternative solutions! We believe Nutrition Response Testing is one of the best ways to support your immune system and to defend from environmental challenges as well as strengthening other systems in the body to assist with proper organ functioning. 

 NOW is the most important time to come in and get tested to see what your nutritional needs are to help reverse challenging health conditions, support your immune system and stay on course for long term optimal health!

What Can We help you with?

Aches & Pains
Acid Reflux/Heartburn
Blood Sugar Imbalance
Brain Fog/Poor Concentration
Colds & Sniffles
Digestion Issues

Fatigue/Low Energy
Food Cravings/Food Sensitivities
Hair Loss
High BP/Low BP
Hormone Imbalance
Immune Support

Mood Swings/PMS
Poor Quality Sleep
Skin Conditions
Thyroid Imbalance
Weight Gain/Weight Loss
Preventative Care

By finding the root cause of your symptoms, I offer safe and natural solutions for all ages,

and provide a Designed Clinical Nutrition program to help you feel better & restore your health. -Melody

Preventative care will boost your immune system and keep your body strong and healthy!